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The Company

IntellectuLogy Solutions Inc. is a research and development company with a focus on Materials Science and Nanotechnology. Our headquarters is in Victoria, British Columbia. We have been in business since summer 2020. We are a private company and our main areas of business include innovative product development to address market needs.


Our Mission

At IntellectuLogy, we have an inclusive team of scientists and engineers fully dedicated to deliver innovative solutions through the effort of our diverse and knowledgeable team.

We devote ourselves to the research, development, and improvement of our products through the knowledge and expertise of our culturally-diverse team. Moving forward, we wish to continue this focus while continuing to expand upon our product portfolio and market reach through our continued expansion efforts into the Global markets.


To create a seamless experience for Electric vehicle charging and promote the adoption of electric solutions globally.


User Centric Solutions

Honest Technology


Customer Satisfaction

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